Human in the City

This research area is focused on the ways in which human experience and behavior is shaped by urban form and the dynamic processes that compose our cities and places.

It is human desire, impulse and behavior that brings us together to create civilizations —our communities are where individuals form societies, and the built environment is the medium. How do we make individual choices in the context of the built environment? How does the built environment affect the way we see ourselves and others? Will information technologies improve democratic process and engagement or leave the poor, the homeless and the elderly behind? Will innovations in self-organization and “do it yourself” approaches and tools open opportunities for built environment capital  be re-used, recycled, recommissioned or governed differently? Can we design infrastructure that can co-develop with people and communities?  How can we define, measure and support social sustainability as we develop the built environment?

KTH already produces behavioural research on how individuals, firms and organisations interact with the built environment in fields including industrial economics, urban planning, transport studies, philosophy, environmental psychology, computer science and communication. The Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment supports new collaborations across these disciplines.

Each Focus Area involves a wide range of KTH researchers and partners. For further information about Human in the City, Please contact:

Amy Rader Olsson

+46 (0)8 790 7913

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